Meet Shantelle the creator of Letsbevegan, mother, herbalist, activist, former restaurant owner, plant based diet advocate and cookbook author.

“My vegan journey started over 14 years ago. Once I learned how cruel and unethical the meat and dairy industry was, I knew I could no longer take part in eating meat. I knew that I could never find peace within if I continued to contribute to the pain and suffering of the creatures that I share this planet with. After committing myself to living as cruelty free and healthy as possible, I realized that I had been programmed into putting crap into my body. I learned that most of us have almost no relationship with real food. Most of us don’t even realize what real food is. Real food grows in the ground and on trees. Real food doesn’t contain numbers or colors or long words that seem to contain every letter of the alphabet. Now that I know the truth, I understand that it is my obligation to share what I know with others. So many people miss out on the benefits of eating a vegan plant based diet because they think the food is boring and tasteless. I want to change that. I want to change the way people look at food.

Currently Shantelle spends her time blogging at, hosting various cooking workshops and events and making herbal medicine for her online herb shop on

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