Ross Cameron

All my humans, hu-womb-mans and whatever mans, all my P.O.C.’s, Eazy-E’s, Ice Cube’s, and D.O.C’s, the Snoop D O double G’s and groups that say motherf the police, retiree’s and all in their specific line of expertise! My name is Ross Cameron – but you can call me Roscoe! I study ancient hermetic healings & teachings as well as holistic nutrition. I, like you, AM the universe experiencing itself & I believe we are all masterpieces yet, works in progress simultaneously. After growing through what I was going through & tapping into “knowing thyself” – I found that deep in my soul I AM fabricated by the cosmos to facilitate metamorphosis of consciousness & found my definite chief aim in life; to make the world a better place through creating an existence of love, light, positivity and excellence. I AM wishing you the best & also gently reminding you that you have the capacity to make people’s live’s easier and brighter – take full advantage of that and go make someone smile today just because you can!
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