Melissa Aluna Solano

Melissa Aluna Solano began her journey of guding others into wellness as a traditional Clinical Psyhchologist, with a focus in crisis units and correctional facilities. She became compelled to discover natural ways to address fears and pain, which promted her to explore her own personal organic and spiritual journey leading her away from traditional Psyhchotherapy.

Melissa is visionary that illuminates science and spirituality. She Intuitivley integrates a new synthesis of her clinical expertise with dynamic energetic treatments in her private practice on the biological, cognitive, social, and ecological dimentions of life into one  unified experience. She empowers and amplifies one to live an inspired, intentional life filled with love, authenticity, power, integrity, freedom, trust, self discovery and acceptance; by being fully responsible for their own life experiance and choosing to be a deliberate creator of their momentum. Her alchemy of wellness services include self mastery mentoring, energy clearing activations, higher conciousness development life design masterminding, intuative based consultations, and corporate wellness programs.

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