loana Aboumitri

loana is the founder of KELANI!

• What is KELANI?

KELANI – created in 2007 – is referred to as ‘The Polynesian Inspired Healing Journey’. It is a Polynesian inspired, blissful, barefoot holistic program for every BODY.

With its 4 elements:
(1) Polynesian inspired hip shaking
(2) Kelani Island Imagery
(3) Yoga and Pilates inspired dynamic poses
(4) Breathing and Meditation
– Kelani is an accessible and sustainable program for everyone.

KELANI is a safe, inclusive, accessible and sustainable practice for everyone, regardless of age, dance or fitness ability or body form. More than physical movement, it truly is a mind-body-spirit experience. Participants nourish every inch of their bodies, and are swept away on a tropical journey (cheapest vacation ever)!

Kelani has 5 classes:
1. Kelani Dance
2. Kelani Spirit
3. Kelani Tribal
4. Kelani Jungle Kids
5. Kelani Meditation

• Creator of KELANI
Ioana Aboumitri is the creator of Kelani. She is a mother of three girls (who she refers to as her inspiration); published wellness author of two books (The Bliss Buzz and Spread Alofa); holistic nutritionist; Pilates instructor; public speaker; performer; owner of Kelani International Inc. and creator of the Kelani Classes.

Over the years Ioana has received a wide range of national media coverage including:

• CTV news
• CBC news
• Global news
• TV Cogeco
• Rogers North York Daytime TV

Using Kelani International Inc as her vessel, it is Ioana’s goal to spread the spirit of ‘alofa’ and the culture of her ancestors the Polynesians; promote eating disorder awareness and self-esteem; mental health awareness, and make an overall positive impact on the lives of people around the world, facilitate healing and ease suffering in any way possible.

Kelani mission:

Ioana’s mission for Kelani is: to spread alofa and facilitate healing.

For more information please visit: or visit Kelani’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @KelaniDance.