Linus Lundkvist

Linus Lundqvist
Linus Lundkvist have integrated academic studies in engineering and human rights with a big passion for arts as yoga, meditation, breathwork, coaching and various techniques for development of consciousness and healing body-mind.
Today I work as a health specialist, using coaching and HRV Biofeedback training (Heart rate variability) to teach my clients simple, yet very effective ways manage stress and to influence the nervous system to achieve greater inne balance, emotional wellbeing, performance and coherence. I love turning on our scientific minds, warming our heart and create a direct experience of enhanced heart-brain communication, while showing measurable results.

Presentation of workshop
In this workshop we will turn on our scientific minds and explore a powerful way to measure your inner balance and state of your nervous system using HRV biofeedback. HRV means (Heart rate variability) and it’s an important biomarker for health, emotional wellbeing, cognitive and physical performance.

We’ll practice a powerful meditation exercise to quickly put yourself in a state of coherence. That will also help you to understand how you can use your breath, focus and emotions as a remote control you your nervous system and access more of yourself.

About the Speaker
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    Health Specialist
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    Stockholm, Sweden
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