Ikram Abdul
ikram ૐ is an activist, artist, writer, and eco fashion designer based in Ottawa. Founder of community organization #CollectiveChange 🌐 which seeks to unify conscious individuals worldwide as co-creators of a new paradigm. Through activism, art, writing, and design, the purpose remains the same: oneness awareness. All advocations and works are driven by the core...
Ryan Di Somma
I AM a Human Rights Activist, Women Rights Activist, Animal Rights Activist, Environmental Activist, Free Energy Activist, Uncensored Information Activist, Decentralized Banking System Activist. Ryan does not believe in immoral behaviors no matter if it is a government written law or a religious doctrine. He believes that we all must take a stand and speak...
Ranim Talih
Ranim Talih is a holistic nutritionist in training and has been practicing holistic healthy living for the last five years. She has immersed herself in the pursuit of knowledge and discerning mainstream lies and practices. While she was completing her undergrad in social sciences at the University Of Toronto in 2014, she founded her online...
Edden Sanchez
Edden Sanchez is an independent researcher on psychedelic medicine and the nature of consciousness. Worked with Daniel Pinchbeck writer and researcher in shamanism, psychedelics and Mayanism. Former Evolver event organizer and volunteer for Horizons psychedelic conference 2008-2010
Sebastian Czernek
✦ Seabass [Deep ‘n Roll (Paris), Black/Tuesday, NYC] Seabass has been swimming through the New York house scene for many years. He later migrated to Paris where he discovered new music and a love for vinyl. Now back stateside his sets become the perfect mix of french house and the underground New York sound. Always...
Koda Kem
Kathy Smart
Kathy Smart is a Multi- Award Winning Nutritionist, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Huffington Post Writer, Healthy Body Image Advocate and TV Personality.
Justin Booth
Justin Booth, Co-Founder of Conscious Media Coalition, Strategic Partnerships at Collective Evolution, Ambassador for H2 Fuel Cell at starpoweronsystems.com, founder of The Global Unity Project, CEO & Founder of isellgrass.com, Co-founder of Crypto Booth is a Visionary Leader, Speaker and Consultant. Justin speaks and collaborates around the world with corporations, small business and entrepreneurs to...